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Paranormal Salem


Mack Park Salem, Ma

This is my 1st time blogging, ever! So please bare with me. Lets begin with our last investigation. I set up a fun little hunt to check out some new places. We first went to Mack Park in Salem, MA. I had tried to do a lot of research beforehand but all I could seem to get was that a Dr. William Mack had once lived in the house on the property. Which is now used as a office for the city's park & rec. services. That is all I could seem to uncover.Hmmmm. The hunt started at 10pm on Saturday Sept 10th 2011. Four new faces showed up! (awesome) We meet, went over how the night was going to go and set off on our hunt. We did discover a plaque on a rock that spoke of the Dr.and his wife. We tried to do an EVP session right away but no one was feeling it. So we moved onward. Needless to say listening back we caught nothing. After moving forward people started getting pictures with orbs in them. Time for another EVP session! No one was hearing anything but listening back we did hear a faint voice calling "Help me... Help.. Help" Of course at the time no one heard anything. After searching around with the EMF readers and a K11 we stumbled upon a small bushed in surrounded opening.Going inside every one picked up on the fact that the ground seemed a bit off. Its hard to describe what we found so ill try as best as I can.In the grass there was 3 outlines in box shapes. One right after the other, in a row. While we were all looking around and testing the different equipment we had, I happened to trip over a stone. Getting out my flash light it looked like it could have been a head stone. Once everyone came over to examine it with me we noticed 3 more. Each one over each of the 3 out lines. We still don't know what we uncovered or what it could have been. But it still spiked everyone interest. After being there at Mack Park for an hour it was time to move on to our next stop at the Green Lawn Cemetery. That blog will come next! Happy Hunting all! ;0) BOO! -Corey.C.      

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